Oloolua Nature Trail

Trailing Nature in a Nature Trail I think we all have a beautiful place in our mind. I have visited a lot of places around Kenya since to me travelling is fun and interesting. Looking to learn more history about places, countries with their cultures, trying new things around their culture, their past because if... Continue Reading →


Red Rocks Inter Cultural Exchange Center

The Greenpackers Haven Red Rocks in Musanze, Rwanda. There are very few places that will make you feel right at home, inspire you to visit more and to do more for planet and for people. This is especially if you are sustainable travel junkie like I am or what I like to call a “greenpacker”.... Continue Reading →

Ngong Hills

The 7 Hills of Hard Adventure As a traveler, there are some places whose memories will always make you shiver with excitement. This blog post is about one of such places, it is about one of  the most thrilling and blood rushing experiences I have had so far. It is about a place the Maasai... Continue Reading →

Nairobi Animal Orphanage

"Wildlife Refuge" The king of the jungle’s sneeze and roar are both terrifying (my heart split into two and shifted to my knees) and something to admire and respect at the same time. Makes you question if indeed we are at the top of the food chain or the lion is. How comes all lions... Continue Reading →

The Giraffe Center

"The Tall and The Beautiful" What is the most exciting thing you have done this month? Me I (in our very typical Kenyan fashion, using “Me I…” to start a sentence). Anyway, Me I “kissed” the tallest land mammal on the planet! Twice! I “kissed” a giraffe, the Rothschild Giraffe. I did the “kissing” not... Continue Reading →


"Nature and Adrenaline" Is adrenaline your thing? Are you someone that would go crazy at the mention of adventure? Does adventure in a forest tickle your fancy? and am not talking about adrenaline from hugging a tree here. I am talking about zip-lining on the longest zip line in East Africa, archery, mountain biking, paint... Continue Reading →


"Conservation Pays with Love" Crab samosas?Anyone? In Kenya the only samosas I have ever tasted are those stuffed with beef or the fake ones filled with green grams or potatoes. My taste buds had been living a samosa lie for over 20 years until we visited crack Shack Dabaso in Watamu. Crab Shack Dabasao is... Continue Reading →


"Waste is Gold" The EcoWorld Center is a community based solid waste management enterprise that was started by in 2009 by Watamu Marine Association with the support of IUCN Netherlands and African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Kenya Ltd. Its objective is to clean the beaches of Watamu, recover waste and give the Dabaso local communities an... Continue Reading →

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