Thought of a place where you could not only enjoy the nature walk but also enjoy watching different types of birds’ species? Wajee nature park is the place to be. Besides being a rarely recognized park, it is the home of a rare bird called Hindes Babbler which is endemic due to Mt Kenya forest... Continue Reading →


Working environment is sometimes tiresome and cruel to many people. It is sometimes associated with a number of stressing factors especially for the first time workers. A time comes when you need to relax and pacify your mind, finding something cool to do. The Ndagani wonder rock resort is all about this. I can actually... Continue Reading →


Ever wanted to have an up-close with crocodiles? Don't look further, Mamba Village Centre Mombasa is among the best places for you to visit. Mamba  Village Mombasa is Africa's largest reptile farm that is believed to house more than 10,000 crocodiles. The Mamba Village Centre  Mombasa covers 16 acres of land, which was once a... Continue Reading →

Waterfalls Inn, Tigoni

Boldly to say, we are a generation of convenience. We are accustomed to moving with the masses to identify what is trendy and the ‘in thing’ or spending weekends indoors. And yet, we forget Kenya’s nature, a gift that keeps giving; from its beautiful landscapes and terrain, breathtaking views of green valleys and so on... Continue Reading →

Machakos People’s Park

Green Park Between Hills Back in the days when Uhuru Park had its fair share of glory as a family park and safe haven for tranquility and relaxation to get someone’s mind of the daily hassle of that the city brought with it. Those were the days when you could take your loved on a... Continue Reading →


Hope in Art After surviving the First World War, Mutisya Munge returned home in Ukambani hopeless and confused of how things had changed. He started the art of wood carving which he had learnt from the Makonde people of Tanganyika who fought alongside him in the war. He made sculptures of Kenyan wild animals, Maasai... Continue Reading →

The Nairobi City Park

A story of a Monkey and Michael Jackson's Thriller That’s not Chiquita on my shoulder, but I certainly felt like Hector Barbossa on a pirate treasure hunt. I found treasure though. In a park in the city and it is called Nairobi City park. The Nairobi City park, not to be confused with Nairobi National... Continue Reading →

Oloolua Nature Trail

Trailing Nature in a Nature Trail I think we all have a beautiful place in our mind. I have visited a lot of places around Kenya since to me travelling is fun and interesting. Looking to learn more history about places, countries with their cultures, trying new things around their culture, their past because if... Continue Reading →

Ngong Hills

The 7 Hills of Hard Adventure As a traveler, there are some places whose memories will always make you shiver with excitement. This blog post is about one of such places, it is about one of  the most thrilling and blood rushing experiences I have had so far. It is about a place the Maasai... Continue Reading →

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