“The Crocodile Farm”

The Mamba Village is a 30-acre mini zoo and resort located in Nairobi’s leafy Karen Suburb. Mamba Village is well-known for its Crocodile Farm and is a popular place for families and primary school students who frequent the place to see “mamba” meaning crocodile in Kiswahili.

Why it stands out

Nairobi Mamba Village stands out because it’s a place where you can learn about various animals, especially the crocodile and also get engaged in various fun filled activities like boat riding, horse riding and also camel riding. It’s also a place where; children can have fun, families can have a family fun day and friends and bond.

How to get there

Nairobi Mamba Village is located on Lang’ata road and it is 14km from the Central Business District Nairobi. It is an approximately 26mins drive from Nairobi CBD. It is a 5mins walk from Nairobi Academy. Or visit Nairobi Mamba Village with Uniglobe Lets’ Go Travel

Opening hours and charges

Nairobi Mamba Village is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. The entry fee is only 200 for all, and for the activities i.e. crocodile watching is only 150sh for an adult citizen.

Where to eat

Mamba Village has its own restaurant located within the property. The restaurant sits in front of a man-made lake which offers a great view of the lovely garden. The restaurant is a good place for family and friends to bond. The food and beverages offered are affordable to all. The menus is composed of African dishes as well as international cuisine. One can enjoy the grilled and barbecued meat (Nyama Choma).

Where to Stay

The Mamba Village has a tented camp with 15 deluxe tents, and a lodge with 22 standard rooms and one suite.

What to do and see


m1.jpgJust as the name suggests “mamba” a Swahili word for crocodile, crocodiles are the main tourist attraction, the Nile Crocodile to be specific.  The Nile crocodiles, Crocodylus niloticus, are very aggressive in nature as they can attack anyone within its range. Visitors need not to worry though as the crocodiles are enclosed within a fenced pool and can be watched and observed from a safe distance. Every Sundays at 4.30pm, is meal time for the crocodiles and visitors can watch as the crocodiles tear through roasted meat. Why roasted meat??? Anyway, the crocodiles are grouped into families and have names. Peter being the eldest of them all with 24years. The young crocodiles of between 9-18 years are kept separate from the adult crocodiles. These helps keep them safe as older crocodiles can at times eat the younger crocodiles. It’s their nature.

Mamba village has approximately 70 Nile crocodiles.


The Mamba Village has 4 Maasai ostriches

An adult male ostrich weighs approximately 155kgs while a female weigh m2.jpgapproximately 100kgs. When the male ostrich is 2-4 yrs. its height may range from 2.1 to 2.8m while the females height may range from 1.7 to 2m. They mostly feed on grass, fruits, seeds, shrubs and also flowers. With the supervision of a guide, a visitor can be allowed to feed them.

Horse riding

An adult citizen can enjoy this activity for only ksh 150. Horse riding is a wonderful and exciting moment. Nairobi Mamba Village also has horses for children to ride on. During the riding process, a guide is present to help you navigate and keep you at ease. The guide holds the lead strap as you hold on to the pommel of the saddle to avoid falling.

Camel riding

Nairobi Mamba Village has only one species of camels which is the dromedary also known as one-humped camel, Camelus dromedarius. During the camel ride, the guide/ instructor will give school you on some interesting facts about the camel. Though the ride is short, it’s worth the money spent. For a young adult, one only needs 150sh to enjoy the ride.

Boat riding

Nairobi Mamba Village has two boats on the man-made lake. These boats can hold an average number of 12 people. It is an exciting experience and an adult citizen needs 150KES to enjoy the boat ride.




The water bike pedal boats like the ones shown in the picture above, are good for those who want to experience the feeling of riding a bike on water or can’t ride a bike on land. Riding the bike pedal boats are easy and doesn’t require a guide or someone to push you and watch you fall. An adult citizen needs 150kes only to enjoy it.

Fun activities for the children

Nairobi Mamba Village does not leave the young ones out. Bouncing castles, merry-go round are some of the fun activities that the children can indulge in. all these activities can be done at affordable prices.


My Product Experience rating


The mamba village has managed to package its various attractions into fun filled activities that can be enjoyed by every type of visitor.  Rating-9.5/10

Guiding and interpretation 

I was disappointed by the management since during the whole visit I didn’t have any guide. At the crocodile shed, I had to join the Ghanaians who had a guide. He was friendly and explained a lot about the crocodiles and their nature. The guides were only guiding the foreign visitors and not the local visitors which is a negative on their part. Rating-2/10


The animals are well fed and kept in clean holding areas. However, petting of the animals is practiced e.g. people can hold and take picture with young and small crocodiles which should not be encouraged.

In terms of waste management, the environment on the entrance was relatively clean but as you went deeper into the village you could see litter. The only litter bin in the village was placed at the entrance. The rabbit shed was converted into waste holding area and it was not well maintained. Rating-5/10



Overall product rating 5.5/10

The management should improve their waste management system and treatment of wildlife. The guides should treat local and international visitors equally. Overall, Nairobi Mamba Village is a great place to relax, bond and having fun. It is a place I would recommend to everyone. Don’t miss out!

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Reviewed 10th June 2017 by Ann Wacera


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